april 26, 2013

Last Thursday I got invited to try out the social media game TweetFighter by mobile telecommunication provider Hi on a big screen in Central Station Amsterdam. When I got the invitation, I did not know what to expect. The first thing which came in mind was; what is TweetFighter. In TweetFighter, which you can play online on www.tweetfighter.nl, you fight against your social media friends. The largest social media influencer wins the game.

Together with my fellow bloggers Christian and Whitney, I got the chance to try this game out first. It is fun to see how influencial your friends are on social media. Hi also made some recordings from our game. The video which give you a perfect impression is now online.If you want to keep updated please follow me on Instagram (@FashionistaChloe), Twitter and Facebook. `

The TweetFighter is created to launch the Hi All You Can Tweet Post & Whatsapp
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