oktober 5, 2012

Video: Curious Media  

YEAH! My first video blog (vlog) is a fact. The idea to vlog started a few weeks ago when Meike (owner of Meike Fashion) ask me as runway model for the catwalkshow of her  beautiful clothing store in Oosterbeek. As some of you know I did modelling when I was younger and this comback was a perfect beginning to start up something new, Fashionista Chloe TV! It is just the beginning and it was short notice… But I really love my first video blog. I can tell you so many things about it, but maybe the best thing to say is.. Watch and enjoy the video. I am looking forward to all your comments on my first vlog. Now I am off to bed, because I am so tired and tomorrow I will shoot my second video for Fashion Chloe TV during the Elite Model Look final at Harbour Club Amsterdam. Keep you posted.

Special thanks to: Curious Media Tilburg, Manna Nijmegen and Meike Fashion  
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  1. gaaf zeg, wat voor schoentjes heb je op het laaste aan bij het blauwe jurkje? staat je geweldig beiden!!:) heb je nog meer foto’s ervan?

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